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Yawgoog July 13 - 20

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Troop Tee Shirts

The Troop requires that ALL Scouts own at least 1 red Troop Tee Shirt. This tee shirt is required dress for ALL service projects, the spring breakfast and for summer camp. Shirts are available for purchase in all sizes from Mr. Leach or Mr. Hebert at a cost of $7.00 per shirt.

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Troop 44 Policies     

  Troop 44 has adopted  an operating policy. Please take time to read it over. There have been no significant changes in the way we operate, and the purpose of the document is to communicate our policies to all members of the Troop. One area that has been further defined is regarding rank advancement as it relates to attendance (page 7). Click this link to download a copy:
Troop 44 Policies.PDF

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